Acquiring Motion Alerts

How do my motion alerts get into Smart Alerts?

You must setup your existing security camera or wildlife camera to email motion alerts to the email address shown at

How quickly should my motion alerts show up in Smart Alerts?

Smart Alerts will instantly show any received motion alerts without requiring a page refresh at

If your motion alerts are not being shown, contact for assistance.

Can I send motion alerts from multiple cameras to Smart Alerts?

Yes, you can send alerts from multiple cameras and Smart Alerts will learn to recognize your labels across all your cameras.


Where can I setup my labels?

You can setup your labels at

What is the difference between the gray, blue, and pink labels on my motion alerts?

There are three types of labels…

  • Actual (Gray) – These are labels provided by you to teach Smart Alerts about your motion alerts
  • Predicted (Blue) – These are the predicted labels for your motion alerts
  • Alerts (Pink) – These are predictions that met your Alert Rules to notify you of something important
Why do I have to provide Actual Labels of my motion alert?

You have to provide enough Actual Labels of your motion alerts so Smart Alerts can learn about your motion alerts.

After Smart Alerts has learned to predict your motion alerts well, continuing to provide Actual Labels is optional.

Can I set the Actual Labels on multiple motion alerts at once?

Yes, select as many motion alerts as you wish and use the bottom action bar to specify the Actual Labels desired for all the selected motion alerts.


How do I train Smart Alerts on my motion alerts?

After you have added Actual Labels to a sufficient number of your motion alert, select Train Now from the Training button above your motion alerts.

How long does training take?

Training can take between 5 minutes and 30 minutes depending on how many other users are training at the same time.

Which motion alerts are used for training?

Smart Alerts will only use the motion alerts with Actual Labels (grey labels) for training.

How does training work?

Although you might use labels like Vehicle, Person, etc, Smart Alerts doesn’t really know what a Vehicle or Person looks like.  Instead, Smart Alerts is really just trying to determine what must and must not be in a motion alert to match a specific label.

So, if Smart Alerts has only been trained to predict a Vehicle label with motion alerts where green grass is in the background, Smart Alerts may not predict the Vehicle label correctly when snow is covering the grass because it improperly assumed there must be green grass in the background to be the Vehicle label. 

This problem tends to go away over time as you train Smart Alerts with a more diverse set of motion alerts for each label (like examples of a Vehicle with green grass in background and examples of a Vehicle with snow in background).


How long does it take Smart Alerts to create the Predicted Labels?

Smart Alerts normally creates the Predicted Labels within 15 to 60 seconds after receive a new motion alert.

Alert Rules

Where can I setup my alert rules?

You can setup your Alert Rules at